Wendy Montgomery

Wendy Montgomery


Tom-Wendy-04Wendy Montgomery is a devout Mormon, married to Tom Montgomery, and the mother of five children. In 2008, she and her husband joined other members of the Mormon Church in walking the streets of Bakersfield in support of Proposition 8. They didn’t know at the time that their 9 year old son was gay. He came out to them in January of 2012, when he was 13. It has at times been incredibly painful. But it has also been an enlightening, spiritual and joyful journey.

The Montgomery Family’s story was documented in the Family Acceptance Project’s short film, “Families are Forever.” Wendy is a vocal advocate for inclusion and equality for all LGBT Mormons who feel on the outside looking in, and is a contributing author to the website, “No More Strangers” and “Rational Faith”.

Wendy sits on the Board of Directors for Affirmation. Their family is currently in Bakersfield, CA. Wendy is a voracious reader, loves history, and is doing everything she knows how to make the LDS Church more welcoming and inclusive of its gay members.

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