Thank You for Attending the Inaugural Meeting

If you were not able to attend, opening remarks may be read here.

Within the next few days, all Coalition members will receive an email with a new site password and an invitation to submit a self-introduction. As we did not have time for everyone to introduce her or himself at the meeting, self-introductions will be posted to this password-protected site allowing all members get a better idea of who is participating in the document generation and revision process. If you haven’t already, please submit your self-introduction here. As part of your commitment to the ethics of the Coalition, we ask that you keep information about who is participating in the Coalition confidential.

If you do not receive this email, please contact Adam Allred, Coalition Coordinator, at

In the following days, the notes generated by the four note-takers will be emailed to all Coalition members and posted to this site. The first draft of the Standards of Ethical Communication and Conflict Resolution should be emailed and posted on or around March 14th. All Coalition members are invited to provide feedback and participate in the document generation and revision process.

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