Jonathan Manwaring

Jonathan Manwaring

ALL Arizona


I am an active Mormon living in Glendale, AZ and have been “out” as an ally for the past year. My younger brother, Jamison, came out to me in 2004, but in early 2013, he came out on YouTube, allowing our family to follow his footsteps in supporting the cause of understanding of LGBT issues within our family, church, and community. I am married to Rachel who understands and feels the heart of this issue as much as anyone I know; she truly “gets it” and has shown me what it means to love.

I am currently serving as high councilor in my stake and previously was a bishop until 2011. We have 5 beautiful children and I work as a physician in an urban community health clinic in Phoenix. I am active within my organization, Mountain Park Health Center, serving on committees and groups to promote diversity and awareness of all.

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