Jerry Buie

Jerry Buie

Pride Counseling, MSW, LCSW

Jerry holds degrees from both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. Jerry has been providing counseling services since 1994 when he graduated from the University of Utah. Jerry’s work experience include working for the Utah Department of Corrections, Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment (ISAT) Center and the Division of Child and Family Services.

He established Pride Counseling in 1996 as a easily identified place where LGBTQ people could seek out culturally competent mental health services. He has presented throughout the State of Utah and nationally on a variety of social work and clinical issues. He currently is an assistant professor/lecturer at the University of Utah School of Social Work.

Jerry is a return missionary and was married for a short time in the Salt Lake Temple. He is a father and recently married his partner of 18 years when Utah briefly permitted marriage license. Today, Jerry embraces a more inclusive path to Spirituality and co facilities the group Queer Spirit which explores spirituality from alternative and indigenous paths. Integrated into Jerry’s practice is his sense of spiritual awareness and understanding that we are all unique and carry great potential in whatever path we honor.

Contact Information: (801) 557-9203 or

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