Inaguaural Coalition Meeting – February 21, 2014    4:30 p.m.

Date: Friday, February 21, 2014
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: McGillis School Library
668 S 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT

4:00 – Meet and Greet

4:30 – Anne Peffer: Introduction to the purpose of the Coalition. Thanks given to Lee Beckstead, Jim Struve, David Matheson, Marybeth Raynes and others for the bridge building efforts that have made the Coalition possible.

Note: We had originally planned time for each Coalition member to introduce him or herself. This is no longer possible due to the number of accepted invitations. In lieu of formal in-person introductions, we invite Coalition members to introduce themselves via this form. Form submissions will be posted to this password-protected website for Coalition members to review at their convenience. Participation is recommended but optional.

4:40 – 6:00Jim Struve and David Matheson: Introduction to ethical communication, conflict resolution and LGBTQ/SSA safety concerns. The co-facilitators come from different perspectives to ensure that Coalition members of different perspectives have equal representation.

6:00 – 6:30 – Group brainstorm for the purpose of collectively generating Coalition documents.

By March 14th, 2014 drafts of the the following three documents will be posted to this password-protected website and delivered to Coalition members via email. Coalition members will then have 14 days to provide feedback before before new drafts are generated. A drafting and revision schedule following this pattern will be distributed to all Coalition members with the objective of producing documents members approve of by the end of August 2014.

The documents that will be generated include:

  1. Standards of Ethical Communication
  2. Standards of Conflict Resolution
  3. Standards to Ensure the Social, Emotional, Physical and Sexual safety of LGBTQ/SSA Mormon Youth and Adults

Note: the Coalition may decide together to change the titles and particular content of the documents.

If you are viewing this password-protected website, you are either a current member of the Coalition or have been extended an invitation. If the latter, we would love to have you. Please fill out our Coalition Acceptance Form. The form allows space for you to recommend other invitees.

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