Annette Day

Annette Day

Restore Our Humanity

201309161937201I grew up with 7 siblings who all went on missions & married in the temple. My parents both taught at BYU at one time & are posterity of Utah Pioneers. I graduated from Ricks College, then BYU. I worked with 11 bishops trying with all my heart to “repent” from the un-natural sin of who I am & acting on it. I was disfellowshipped & moved in with the woman I loved– a returned missionary. My family wouldn’t speak to me for 8 months. They sent the bishopric over to see me. Finally they got in contact realizing they did not want to lose their daughter.

I graduated from the U with an MSW. I worked for the State of Utah with troubled youth for 27 years. I now work with hospice patients and thank the Lord for that great honor. I had my church records removed when the church spent millions of member’s $ for Prop 8 in California (including asking for $ from my sister who lived in Orange Co., which she paid despite being in debt with a 2nd mortgage on her home.)

My fiance’, Johna H, was married for 18 years before “coming out”. She has 3 children & 6 grandchildren (ages 1-11) who are the center of our lives. We spend time with them every week–supporting their school & other activities, paying for their music lessons, having them over for the weekend, taking them on outings, etc. It is so hurtful to hear groups say they are “for the children” as if we are not.

I am on the board of Restore Our Humanity, the group who found the attorneys whose case overturned Amendment 3. When the appeals are exhausted, Johna & I will be married here in Utah.

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